Our Bishop Protector

Known and beloved all over the world, Bishop Keith L. Ackerman, SSC, OSF has for decades been the face of the Anglo-Catholic way — including as Bishop (VIII) of the Diocese of Quincy (Anglican Communion); President of Forward in Faith (North America), which support unity among Anglo-Catholics and furthers common aims; Bishop Protector of the Franciscan Order of the Divine Compassion (FODC); Superior General of the Confraternity of the Blessed Sacrament; Bishop Visitor of Saint Benedict's Abbey, Bartonville, IL (OSB); and Bishop Visitor of the Franciscan Missionaries of the Divine Compassion. Bishop Ackerman is the sole American bishop granted the honor to serve the Shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham (England) as Bishop Guardian. Regarded as the Anglican Communion's holiest shrine, the United Kingdom continues to observe "The National," a nationwide pilgrimage to this hallowed ground in Norfolkshire every year.

Although "retired," Bp. Ackerman is counted as among the global leaders of the Anglican Communion's orthodox group, GAFCON, which is the world's third largest expression of Christianity. His efforts to achieve ecumenical unity, recently with the Orthodox Church in America and with the Russian Orthodox Church, have been tireless. With other Anglican leaders, Bp. Ackerman concluded ecumenical talks with Patriarch Kirill (Cyril) this past August. Having apostolic descent in both Anglican and Roman Catholic episcopal lines, he is a living sign of Catholic unity.

While Diocesan Bishop of Quincy, Bishop Ackerman served as Pastoral Episcopal Visitor of Episcopalian parishes all over the United States, providing a bishop's care wherever he saw the love of Christ and people suffering for their faith. His journey to Na Pua Li'i Hermitage affords a window into a saint's soul: he seeks neither palaces nor princely appointments amongst powerful prelates, but his eyes are ever upon simple and sincere hearts kneeling before Heaven's Gate.

The Bishop is himself a Third Order Franciscan professing his perpetual vows in Fall, 1971. With the Tertiaries of Na Pua Li'i, he affirms a Christian love that welcomes everyone to our Church and invites all Christians who embrace our Credenda to discern membership in our Third Order.

As Episcopal Vicar of the Diocese of Quincy, Bp. Ackerman was the consecrator of the Altar of St. Mary and the Angels, which is the cornerstone and beating heart of Na Pua Li'i Hermitage. The Church of St. Mary and the Angels, Kohala, Hawaii is under the protection and care of the Rt. Rev'd Alberto Morales, OSB, Bishop (IX) of the Diocese of Quincy.

Our Ordinary

The Bishop who graciously holds our church and altar in his care, accepting it as a mission of the Diocese of Quincy, is a leader of longstanding both in religious life and clerical life. He is our Diocesan Bishop and as such makes us part of a worldwide Communion, which is the third largest expression of Christianity on earth following the Roman Communion, whose primary see is Rome, and the Eastern Orthodox Communion, whose primary see is Constantinople.

We at the Hermitage are double blessed to have a Father in God who has been both a leader of the religious Church and the secular Church. The Rt. Rev'd J. Alberto Morales, OSB, oversaw St. Benedict's Abbey as Abbot for more than two decades advancing the cause of ecumenism within the Apostolic and Catholic Church. Listed among the Roman Catholic congregations of the Order of St. Benedict, the Abbey has reached out to all Christians in Central Illinois providing a spiritual path ahead for those who love the Lord.

In 2010 Bp. Morales was consecrated Ninth Bishop of the Diocese of Quincy, a historic diocese in the Anglo-Catholic tradition, known to Anglo-Catholic faithful all over the world and encompassing parishes across the U.S. Unlike the other dioceses of the Episcopal Church of the United States, the Diocese of Quincy secured terms of communion with individual dioceses of the Anglican Communion, and not as a function of communion with the Episcopal Church. When the Episcopal Church fell out of communion with the worldwide Anglican Communion, the Diocese of Quincy separated itself from the national body but remained securely united to the Communion, enjoying a close connection especially with the Diocese of the Southern Cone, who is overseen by Pope Francis' close friend, Archbishop Gregory Venables. The Diocese of Quincy is strongly committed to the "Confessing Bishops" of the Anglican Communion of the Southern Hemisphere.

We at the Hermitage give special thanks that Quincy's heart is with the poor of the Global South, for our members have spent their lives living among and serving the poor in China, India, Haiti, and in the U.S. We are indeed fortunate to be in the care of a pioneer of ecumenical Catholic life, Bp. Alberto Morales, OSB.